Moon-Earth gravitational variation force connection with earthquakes near Oceans

Marilia Hagen, Anibal Azevedo
  • August 2017, Society of Exploration Geophysicists
  • DOI: 10.1190/sbgf2017-326

Sun Moon Earth possible connections with earthquakes

What is it about?

The Paper studied the effect of Moon gravitational force and its connection with earthquakes near the Oceans. The results pointed out that the Mega earthquakes with M>8 all happened at the subduction zones into the Oceans. Therefore, the tides movement looked important for some of those locations studied. We are working with the three body forces ( sun-moon -earth) and how each of them will affect the rise of earthquakes worldwide.

Why is it important?

People studied earthquakes for a long time, but nobody can predict when one is going to happen. There are many people who living near the coast, in subduction zones and would be aware faster when some of these hazard events happening.


Marilia Hagen

Prediction of earthquakes events, and or tsunamis would help many people around the globe

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