Society of Exploration Geophysicists Showcase

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  1. Article
    Development and application of CPET rock physics model for saturation prediction.
  2. Article
    The paper described novel methods, including calibration, casing correction and inversion.
  3. Article
    Low-velocity flow in a porous medium
  4. Article
    Marine Controlled Source Electromagnetics (CSEM) for de-risking hydrocarbon prospects
  5. Article
    Weighted-average time-lapse full-waveform inversion for monitoring the subsurface.
  6. Article
    Flash flooding on Mars could be linked to large fault slip events
  7. Article
    Joint Physics-Based and Data-Driven Time-Lapse Seismic Inversion: Mitigating Data Scarcity
  8. Article
    Amplitude variation with angle (AVA) analysis in the targeting of infill opportunities (IFOs)
  9. Article
    Pore structure and fractal characteristics of marine-continental transitional shales in the Southern North China Basin
  10. Article
    Identification of complex salt-geometries from inaccurate migrated images using Deep Learning
  11. Article
    Automatic partitioning of non-stationary training images using CNN models
  12. Article
    Student Zone: Student chapter encourages others through Chapters and Universities Mentorship Circle
  13. Article
    Automatic stationary-phase receiver estimation method for ambient-noise imaging
  14. Article
    A non-isothermal reservoir with two types of fractures
  15. Article
    Results of 20-year history of the SEG student chapter at Kyiv University.
  16. Article
    Evaluation method of hydrocarbon yield of source rocks in open, semiopen, and closed systems
  17. Article
    The use of distributed acoustic sensor for deep geothermal reservoir prospecting
  18. Article
    Deep learning-based point spread function deconvolution
  19. Article
    Waveform inversion of seismic data with well log constrained
  20. Article
    Studying Ultrasonic Velocities to Evaluate Anisotropy and Heterogeneity of Shale Formation
  21. Article
    Artificial neural network for predicting permeability logs in oil reservoirs, Texas
  22. Article
    Spherical calibration and quality control of ground and UAV vector magnetometer data
  23. Article
    Subsurface well integrity evaluation using acoustic nd electromagnetic measurements
  24. Article
    Characterization of a carbonate geothermal reservoir using rock physics-guided deep neural networks
  25. Article
    Extraction of diffractions from seismic survey data using deep learning technique
  26. Article
    Novel surface petroleum detection technology (microbes) using a new approach, proven in Argentina.
  27. Article
    A new method for detecting weak AE (acoustic emission) signals in rock mechanics experiment.
  28. Article
    A successful qualitative and quantitative integrated interpretation of Lower Miocene wells and seismic data in Salina del Istmo Basin, Mexico
  29. Article
    Generalized multifocusing imaging method for crooked 2D seismic lines
  30. Article
    Marine Controlled Source Electromagnetics (CSEM) is a 3D resistivity mapping tool.
  31. Article
    Subsurface exploration using existing submarine telecom cables with controlled seismic sources
  32. Article
    Internal multiples attenuation and elimination
  33. Article
    Low-cost acquisition design using compressive sensing
  34. Article
    energy transition from coal to oil
  35. Article
    OM-driven shale resistivity
  36. Article
    Fault and paleo-valley resistivity
  37. Article
    Geophysical pore type inversion in carbonate reservoir
  38. Article
    Remote sensing of a subterranean air-filled shaft using seismic waves
  39. Article
    A new interpretation for the causes of “polarization” horns in electromagnetic well logging
  40. Article
    Acoustic wave propagation modeling in anisotropic media
  41. Article
    A new approach to petroelastic modeling of carbonate rocks.
  42. Article
    A new workflow to reduce uncertainty of hydrocarbon prediction.
  43. Article
    How to discriminate between large folds or faults by using seismic attributes and analogs
  44. Article
    Electrically inferred subsurface fractures in the crystalline rocks
  45. Article
    A fast and versatile algorithm for the inversion of Magnetotelluric data
  46. Article
    inversion of subsidence signatures due to tunnels detected with surface and remote sensing
  47. Article
    Artificial neural networks for mapping rock properties: A case study from Colombia
  48. Article
    Seismic fluid prediction in rocks that have been deeply buried and later uplifted.