1. Article
    Data and model dual-driven seismic deconvolution via error-constrained joint sparse representation
  2. Article
    Internal multiple elimination for salt structures
  3. Article
    Rock-physics inversion of source rocks
  4. Article
    Simultaneous seismic inversion study for channel sandstone identification, northern part of the Eastern Shelf, King County, North-Central Texas
  5. Article
    Geophysical imaging of a volcano-hosted geothermal system unravels suitable sites for drilling
  6. Article
    Thomsen-type parameters and attenuation coefficients for constant-Q transverse isotropy
  7. Article
    Exploring Student Chapter Activities and Career Fair Highlights
  8. Article
    Wonderland Geophysics
  9. Article
    Mining for net zero: The impossible task
  10. Article
    Comparing geophysical responses of nickel deposits for future exploration
  11. Article
    A robust reflection traveltime estimation method for traveltime inversion
  12. Article
    Ambient OBN surface-wave seismology
  13. Article
    Semi-supervised semantic segmentation for seismic interpretation
  14. Article
    Using a fibre-optic cable on the seabed to sense geological structures and distant storms
  15. Article
    The effect of calcite-cemented beds on seismic amplitudes and pore-fluid classification
  16. Article
    Estimation of pore pressure considering hydrocarbon generation pressurization.
  17. Article
    3D finite-difference transient electromagnetic modeling with whole-space initial field
  18. Article
    Probabilistic interpretation of geophysical data
  19. Article
    Seismic Tiles, a data format making it easy to automate the analysis of seismic data
  20. Article
    Drone magnetic surveying in Southern Norway
  21. Article
    Utilizing drones and hyperspectral imaging to detect surficial explosive ordnance
  22. Article
    Deep learning-based shear wave attenuation from OBN 4C data
  23. Article
    Designing active seismic surveys with minimal environmental footprints
  24. Article
    GADAM optimizer in seismic impedance inversion
  25. Article
    Methods to improve well-log interpretation accuracy
  26. Article
    Fast solution for the forward modeling of acoustic wave propagation in anisotropic media
  27. Article
    Quantum computer assisted optimisation of residual statics.
  28. Article
    Marine Controlled Source Electromagnetics (CSEM) is a 3D resistivity mapping tool.
  29. Article
    Model parameter design for modeling surface topography in VTI elastic finite-difference near-surface simulations
  30. Article
    Development and application of CPET rock physics model for saturation prediction.
  31. Article
    The paper described novel methods, including calibration, casing correction and inversion.
  32. Article
    Low-velocity flow in a porous medium
  33. Article
    Marine Controlled Source Electromagnetics (CSEM) for de-risking hydrocarbon prospects
  34. Article
    Weighted-average time-lapse full-waveform inversion for monitoring the subsurface.
  35. Article
    Flash flooding on Mars could be linked to large fault slip events
  36. Article
    Joint Physics-Based and Data-Driven Time-Lapse Seismic Inversion: Mitigating Data Scarcity
  37. Article
    Amplitude variation with angle (AVA) analysis in the targeting of infill opportunities (IFOs)
  38. Article
    Pore structure and fractal characteristics of marine-continental transitional shales in the Southern North China Basin
  39. Article
    Identification of complex salt-geometries from inaccurate migrated images using Deep Learning
  40. Article
    Automatic partitioning of non-stationary training images using CNN models
  41. Article
    Student Zone: Student chapter encourages others through Chapters and Universities Mentorship Circle
  42. Article
    Automatic stationary-phase receiver estimation method for ambient-noise imaging
  43. Article
    A non-isothermal reservoir with two types of fractures
  44. Article
    Results of 20-year history of the SEG student chapter at Kyiv University.
  45. Article
    Evaluation method of hydrocarbon yield of source rocks in open, semiopen, and closed systems
  46. Article
    The use of distributed acoustic sensor for deep geothermal reservoir prospecting
  47. Article
    Deep learning-based point spread function deconvolution
  48. Article
    Waveform inversion of seismic data with well log constrained