Marginalisation of men in family planning texts: An analysis of training manuals

  • Amanda D Wilson, Fiona Fylan, Brendan Gough
  • Health Education Journal, January 2018, SAGE Publications
  • DOI: 10.1177/0017896917751832

Men are dismissed in training manuals for family planning

What is it about?

Training manuals for health professionals provides little information on how to engage men in family planning. Instead, manuals promote family planning to be a women's issue, that men lack knowledge around reproductive health, and that men are biologically incapable of taking contraceptive responsibility. These messages work together to discourage men's engagement and does little to support health professionals development.

Why is it important?

The findings suggest there is a need to develop training manuals which support health professionals to engage men in family planning and that further work is needed to combat male stereotypes within health care education.


Dr Amanda D Wilson
De Montfort University

I hope this article leads to an increase in quality family planning training manuals for health professionals, which are tailored to male service users needs.

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