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We identify spatial-temporal trends and information gaps in the amphibians that inhabit the páramo ecosystem, that must to be strengthened for effective conservation. We discuss the lack of comprehensive research, limited availability of data, and the importance of sharing information for conservation efforts.

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We highlight the lack of knowledge about amphibians in Colombia's páramos, despite their ecological significance. Páramos are home to unique and threatened amphibian species, but the available research is limited, and data sharing is insufficient. Proper understanding of these species' distribution, ecological needs, and threats is crucial for designing effective conservation strategies. The review stresses the importance of sharing raw data, collaboration among researchers, and the urgency of addressing this knowledge gap to ensure the survival of these amphibians and the overall health of páramo ecosystems.


We offer several perspectives, such as: Data Sharing and Collaboration: Emphasizing the need for researchers to share raw data openly, which can foster collaboration, accelerate research, and aid decision-making processes. Conservation Challenges: Highlighting the risk to amphibians due to habitat loss, agriculture, pollution, and other threats beyond protected areas. There's a call to improve our understanding of their distribution to effectively assess extinction risks and develop conservation plans. Research Practices: Encouraging researchers to publish data papers that provide open access to raw data, enabling other scientists to build upon and verify findings. Species Catalogs: Pointing to the importance of initiatives like the Catalog of Amphibians and Reptiles of Colombia to consolidate species information and expedite knowledge advancement. Scientific Advancement: By addressing the data gaps and sharing raw data, the scientific community can advance knowledge about páramo amphibians, leading to informed conservation strategies and a better understanding of these unique ecosystems.

PhD Nicolas Urbina-Cardona
Pontificia Universidad Javeriana

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This page is a summary of: Current State of Knowledge of Páramo Amphibians in Colombia: Spatio Temporal Trends and Information Gaps to Be Strengthened for Effective Conservation, Tropical Conservation Science, January 2023, SAGE Publications, DOI: 10.1177/19400829231169984.
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