Apprenticeship in music: A contextual study for instrumental teaching and learning

Kim Burwell
  • International Journal of Music Education, April 2012, SAGE Publications
  • DOI: 10.1177/0255761411434501

What is it about? learning, for instrumental (applied) music. 'Apprenticeship' in history and in the research literature based on music education, is based on assumptions that are drawn out, here.

Why is it important?

Researchers often coin the term 'apprenticeship' without necessarily defining it, but the examining its use suggests something rich and complex, and thus well suited to describing traditional studio practices.


Dr Kim Burwell (Author)
University of New South Wales

I wanted to open this term for discussion, convinced that the term 'master and apprentice' need not denote simply defined practices, standards or values. Studio-based learning can be as rich and complex as the term itself, and exploring it can enhance our understanding of a highly specialist area of education.

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