Developing Physically Literacy in K-12 Physical Education Through Achievement Goal Theory

Jiling Liu, Ping Xiang, Jihye Lee, Weidong Li
  • Journal of Teaching in Physical Education, July 2017, Human Kinetics
  • DOI: 10.1123/jtpe.2017-0030

A review of studies based on achievement goal theory in physical education

What is it about?

Achievement goal theory is important to understanding and interpreting motivations toward learning goals. This theory has been adopted and implemented in physical education research. What results do these results demonstrate? This article systematically reviewed previously studies and discussed implications for future research and practice in K-12 physical education.

Why is it important?

Physical literacy has emerged as a critical term in the field of physical education/physical activity. To better understand the importance of physical literacy, we need to base our assumptions and observations on theories such as achievement goal theory. This article explains the development of this theory, summarized research findings, and pointed where to go for researchers and practitioners.


Jiling Liu
Texas A&M University System

I hope this article can provoke thoughts on using achievement goals theory to promote physical literacy.

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