Essential oils improved weight gain, growth and feed efficiency of young dairy calves fed 18 or 20% crude protein starter diets

M. Kazemi-Bonchenari, R. Falahati, M. Poorhamdollah, S. R. Heidari, A. Pezeshki
  • Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition, January 2018, Wiley
  • DOI: 10.1111/jpn.12867

Interaction of essential oil and protein in calf starter

What is it about?

The protein level is one of the most important factor for calf performance as well as diet economical efficiency. Some strategies maybe use to improve nitrogen efficiency in ruminants. Using essential oils may be one of them. It needs more work of course.

Why is it important?

Our findings show that 20% of protein brought us better animal performance rather than feeding 18% CP (DM basis). however essential oil improved animal performance in both protein levels, but more works need to evaluate the nitrogen efficiency in dairy calves.


Mehdi Kazemi-Bonchenari
Arak University

Publishing a paper on protein nutrition in dairy calves could be of interest because this is our scientific working team major field. Interaction of protein as a high cost diet portion with other nutrients/additives may be a good study area as well in ruminant nutrition. I hope the paper could be interest of both academic rereads and farm-holders as well.

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