VAP score as a novel non-invasive liver fibrosis model in patients with chronic hepatitis C

Elham Ahmed Hassan, Abeer Sharaf El-Din Abd El-Rehim, Zain El-Abdeen Ahmed Sayed, Emad Farah Mohamed Kholef, Abeer Sabry, Noha Abd El-Rehim Abo Elhagag
  • Hepatology Research, April 2017, Wiley
  • DOI: 10.1111/hepr.12884

New non-invasive score for liver fibrosis

What is it about?

New Scoring system for assessment of the liver fibrosis degree. It depends on vWF-Ag and AST and platelet count

Why is it important?

Non invasive, especially in patient with liver fibrosis.


Emad Kholef
Aswan University

This article adds a new non invasive scoring for patients with Hepatitis C virus. It is my pleasure to be one of the team that works to establish this new score.

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