Managing frontline employee performance through coaching: does selling experience matter?

  • Claudio Pousa, Anne Mathieu, Carole Trépanier
  • The International Journal of Bank Marketing, April 2017, Emerald
  • DOI: 10.1108/ijbm-01-2016-0005

What is it about?

Managerial coaching is a behavior that managers can adopt to help their employees develop new abilities and grow. Employees who receive coaching increase their performance, job satisfaction and commitment. However, are these increases consistent for employees throughout all their professional career. Do rookies benefit more from coaching, while you cannot teach an old dog new tricks? The answer is no. Managerial coaching helps all types of employees (experienced and non-experienced) to increase their job performance.

Why is it important?

Traditionally, practitioners assumed that coaching is a very effective developmental tool, that would have more impact with employees in the initial stages of their professional careers. Our paper shows that this is not accurate. Managerial coaching helps increase employees performance consistently throughout all the stages of their professional careers. Managers should not devote more resources to coach young recruits at the expense of older ones. All of them can obtain equivalent benefits from coaching.


Claudio Pousa
Lakehead University

From a scientific perspective, this is one of the few studies analyzing the interplay of managerial behaviors (i.e. coaching), employee work experience and job performance. From a managerial perspective, it provides additional evidence to organizations about how to increase their performance and competitiveness by developing an internal, sustainable competitive advantage: their managers capacity of providing coaching to improve their employees performance.

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