The University of Bath introduces Springboard’s Sprint programme for female undergraduates

Bob Little
  • Industrial and Commercial Training, October 2016, Emerald
  • DOI: 10.1108/ict-03-2016-0018

Helping combat the gender pay gap

What is it about?

The article sets out the results of research which shows the gender pay gap among graduates and outlines some of the steps being taken to combat this at the University of Bath. Notably, it highlights the Sprint programme, developed for women undergraduates. This programme aims to add value to the overall student experience at university, improve employability and help to ensure that each undergraduate - regardless of her subject, department or career aspirations - can develop to her fullest potential.

Why is it important?

With help from programmes such as Sprint, women can achieve improved work visibility and effectiveness, better time management, reduced stress, increased confidence and self-esteem. This helps them achieve their career goals, raise their aspirations and generally develop their careers.


Mr Bob B Little
Bob Little Press & PR

The Sprint programme is unique – and is, increasingly, proving valuable. Although the Sprint programme is relatively new – having started in 2013 – it is already bearing positive results. This is not just true in terms of narrowing the gender pay gap but also in terms of improved business networking and heightened self-confidence among other factors.

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