Management accounting education and training: putting management in and taking accounting out

John Burns, Trevor Hopper, Hassan Yazdifar
  • Qualitative Research in Accounting & Management, January 2004, Emerald
  • DOI: 10.1108/11766090410816271

Management accounting education and training

What is it about?

The paper reviews research on the changing roles of management accountants noting how data processing is less important now given computerisation but involvement in problem-solving teams has become more important. In short it is not clear whether the position of management accountant is disappearing or being reconstituted. The authors argue that the trend to a greater 'service' role has profound repercussions on the content and mode of education and training, especially less emphasis on technical accounting drills and more on managerial knowledge and skills. However, developing these can be more costly and may be impeded by declining resources for universities and colleges.

Why is it important?

The role of management accountants is changing considerably and is possibly disappearing or being reconstituted. This paper addresses how future education and training may have to change to meet the new skills required and the obstacles to doing so.

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