Macromolecular Crystallization and Crystal Perfection

Naomi E. Chayen, John R. Helliwell, Edward H. Snell
  • March 2010, Oxford University Press (OUP)
  • DOI: 10.1093/acprof:oso/9780199213252.001.0001

A book about Macromolecular Crystallization and Crystal Perfection

What is it about?

Our book is about the crystallization of proteins, nucleic acids and complexes, a pivotal step to progress in the field of structural biology. In parallel the book describes a number of X-ray diffraction based techniques, and which explains the physical reasons limiting the resulting crystallographic data and shows how that data can improve. It also covers neutron crystallography, for which crystal growth needs special optimization.

Why is it important?

Our book fills a gap in the field where there is a lot of published results but not a single comprehensive text linking those results together into a coherent picture of the field. It spans a number of research disciplines and is an invaluable resource for both researchers in the field and those outside who would benefit from the full coverage we propose. Our book has been widely and very favorably reviewed.

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