Brunetto Latini.Le Livre du Trésor: Livre I. Ed. and trans. Bernard Ribémont and Silvère Menegaldo. Traductions des classiques du Moyen Age 94. Paris: Honoré Champion Éditeur, 2013. xc + 490 pp. €45. ISBN: 978-2-7453-2470-2.

  • Laurence E. Hooper
  • Renaissance Quarterly, September 2014, University of Chicago Press
  • DOI: 10.1086/678779

Review of Brunetto Latini, Le livre du Trésor, Book 1

What is it about?

Review of new modern French Translation of Book 1 of a medieval encyclopedia by Brunetto Latini (ca. 1260). Although the author was a Florentine, he wrote the work in exile and chose to use Old French. The subjects covered in Book 1 include the divisions of philosophy, history, and natural philosophy.

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