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  1. Blessed Souls as Characters in Dante and Petrarch
  2. Italian Realisms and Idealisms.
  3. Review of Tristan Kay, "Dante's Lyric Redemption"
  4. Exile and Petrarch’s Reinvention of Authorship
  5. Review of Brunetto Latini, Le livre du Trésor, Book 1
  6. Maria Luisa Ardizzone, Dante: Il paradigma intellettuale. Un ‘inventio’ degli anni fiorentini.
  7. Exile, Realism, and Authorship in Pasolini's Atti impuri and Amado mio
  8. Metaphor, Exile, and Epochē in Convivio 1
  9. A History of European Law
  10. Translating Trilussa