Polymer matrix-natural fiber composites: An overview

  • T.G. Yashas Gowda, M.R. Sanjay, K. Subrahmanya Bhat, P. Madhu, P. Senthamaraikannan, B. Yogesha
  • Cogent Engineering, March 2018, Taylor & Francis
  • DOI: 10.1080/23311916.2018.1446667

Polymer Matrix-Natural Fiber Composites

What is it about?

There is an increasing demand for environmentally sustainable materials. Among them biodegradable materials are one area where researcher focusing on biobased materials. Many modern applications require the sue of polymers because of obvious benefit it offer, but majority of them are nonbiodegradable and hence there are environmental challenges when used in large quantities. This issue could be partially addressed by making partially biodegradable composites of polymers with natural fibers.

Why is it important?

A review written in simple words without the use of much data. Citation update: 110 (13/05/2021)


Dr Subrahmanya Bhat K
Manipal Institute Of Technology, Manipal Academy of Higher Education

Natural fiber composites could be the alternate materials to address the environmental concern and make an impact on how we use the materials in day-to-day life. Related publications: (i) G. T. Mahesha, B. S Shenoy B, M. Vijaya Kini, K. Subrahmanya Bhat, Preparation of unidirectional Grewia Serrulata reinforced polyester composites and evaluation of tensile and flexural properties, J. Nat. Fibres, 13(5), 547-554, 2016. (ii) G. T. Mahesha, B. S Shenoy B, M. Vijaya Kini, K. Subrahmanya Bhat, Mechanical Characterization and water ageing behavior studies of Grewia serrulata bast fiber reinforced thermoset composites, J. Nat. Fibres., 14(6), 788-800, 2017. (iii) Madhu P, Sanjay M R, Pradeep S, Subrahmanya Bhat K, Yogesha B, S. Siengchin, Characterization of cellulosic fiber from Phoenix pusilla leaves as potential reinforcement for polymeric composites, J Mat. Res. Tech., 8(3), 2597-2604, 2019; Scopus-Q1. (iv) P. Senthamaraikannan, M.R. Sanjay, K S. Bhat, N. H. Padmaraj, M. Jawaid, Characterization of natural cellulosic fiber from bark of Albizia amara, J. Nat. Fibers, 16(8), 1124-1131, 2019; Scopus-Q2 (v) P. Balasundar, P. Narayanasamy, S Senthil, N A A Dhabi, R. Prithvirajan, R. Shyam Kumar, T. Ramakumar, K. Subrahmanya Bhat, Physico-Chemical study of Pistachio (Pistacia vera) Nut shell particles as a Bio-filler for Eco-friendly Composites, Mat. Res. Exp., 6(10), 105339, 2019; Scopus-Q2 (vi) Mahesha G T, Subrahmanya Bhat K, Padmaraja N H, Biodegradable Natural Fiber Reinforced Polymer Matrix Composites: Technical updates, AIP Conf. Proceedings, , 2166, 020001, 2019; Scopus-Q3

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