Three and one chair: an analytic investigation into the Holo-Art

  • Diaa Ahmed Mohamed Ahmedien
  • Journal of Visual Art Practice, May 2017, Taylor & Francis
  • DOI: 10.1080/14702029.2017.1325078

What does holography means?

What is it about?

this article tries to physically interpret holographic scene using conceptual art as a reference. it proves that the holographic object contains three sub-definitions of the same objects (visual, real, verbal). this research, therefore, tries to redefine the holographic scene conceptually using the language of the nature sciences, emphasizing the conceptual aspects of the holographic object became full integrated in its physical properties.

Why is it important?

this research highlights several hidden conceptual aspects in holographic art (Holo-Art). it reflects a mature side of the relationship between art, sciences and technology, in which the scientific procedures deeply constitute the artistic values of the visual scene.


Dr Diaa Ahmed Mohamed Ahmedien
University of Bern

this research redefine the holo-Art using the language of the nature sciences. for me, holography is one of the most mysterious vision that can translate our physical world scientifically and artistically. it usually able to be re-described and re-defined depending on several analytical approach. this will enrich the artistic practices in that field towards more deep understanding of the holographic vision.

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