A European Identity in Global Campaigning? Activist Groups and the ‘Seattle to Brussels’ (S2B) Network

Michael Strange
  • Geopolitics, July 2013, Taylor & Francis
  • DOI: 10.1080/14650045.2012.752355

How campaign groups use a mix of global and European identities

What is it about?

What does it mean when activist networks describe themselves as ‘European’ or ‘Global’? Existing studies into the geographic character of such networks have focused on the interplay between multiple ‘levels’. However, there is a need for greater research on the discursive function played by geographic descriptors within the formation of activist networks. This article examines the use of multiple geographic descriptors to articulate a particular activist network – the ‘Seattle to Brussels’ (S2B

Why is it important?

The article is of interest to those working on trade politics, civil society, as well as the European Union.

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