The ‘Not Knowns’: memory, narrative and applied theatre

Colette Conroy, Sarah Jane Dickenson, Giuliana Mazzoni
  • Research in Drama Education The Journal of Applied Theatre and Performance, November 2017, Taylor & Francis
  • DOI: 10.1080/13569783.2017.1398641

The 'Not Knowns': memory, narrative and applied theatre

What is it about?

How playwrighting may explore, challenge share personal and cultural memory in relation to groups who are in danger of losing their biographical voice in their communities and the political landscape

Why is it important?

Many young people are feeling marginalised or forgotten or unable to make a difference in the current social and political climate . This article outlines how a playwright, a psychologist and a critical theorist created a project to challenge this thinking with a group of young people in danger of suffering from cultural amnesia


Sarah Jane Dickenson
University of Hull

The collaborative nature of this project combining both the theoretical and the creative, working across different disciples and in the community was a pleasure to be part of.

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