Accounting education in Africa

Ilse Lubbe, Stephen Coetzee
  • Accounting Education, September 2018, Taylor & Francis
  • DOI: 10.1080/09639284.2018.1514789

This is the editorial summary of the special issue on Accounting Education in Africa.

What is it about?

This dedicated issue is made in collaboration with the Southern African Accounting Association (SAAA) Teaching & Learning Conference, and contains papers presented at the 2016 SAAA T&L Conference in Gauteng, South Africa. The publications included in this dedicated issue are all situated within the South African accounting education environment.

Why is it important?

Research in Accounting Education in Africa is at a developmental stage. However, there are many lessons from the challenges in educating professional accountants in South Africa. Such challenges are associated with student learning and diversity, including culture, gender, race, language, and technology.


Professor Ilse Lubbe
University of Cape Town

Calls for effective and relevant higher education identify issues relating to the shortage of high-level skills and critical thinking, while other factors such as social and economic inequalities add a further dimension to the challenges of educating accounting professionals for South Africa and the broader Africa.

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