Future scenarios for the charity sector in 2045

  • Carolyn J. Cordery, Karen A. Smith, Harry Berger
  • Public Money & Management, February 2017, Taylor & Francis
  • DOI: 10.1080/09540962.2017.1281662

Charities in the future

What is it about?

Societal changes (demography and technology specifically) affect the availability of charity resources now and into the future. We consider the effect on financial and volunteer resources and present four different 'futures' that could face charities as a result of these changes. This should spark debate about how to steer through the changing world.

Why is it important?

Strategy is poorly accomplished in the charity sector, and few take time to consider the long-term effects of global trends on their work. This paper suggests change is inevitable and charities should plan to minimize the drawbacks and avail themselves of the opportunities that change will bring.


Professor Carolyn J Cordery
Aston University

This publication should spark more research into what the future may look like for specific charity sectors and in specific jurisdictions. It is often discussed that the line between charities and for-profit entities is becoming blurred, and this paper considers the impact of change on that blurring line.

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