Immune Profiling of T Cells Infiltrating Vitreous Humor in Tubercular Uveitis

  • Ravi Kumar Sharma M.Sc, Vishali Gupta M.S, Reema Bansal M.S, Kusum Sharma M.D, Amod Gupta M.S, Naresh Sachdeva Ph.D
  • Immunological Investigations, May 2018, Taylor & Francis
  • DOI: 10.1080/08820139.2018.1470640

Types of cells infiltrating eye during TB uveitis

What is it about?

In this work we have done profiling of immune cells that infiltrate the eye during TB uveitis, by flowcytometry to understand their type, nature and to know the type of inflammatory cytokines that are produced by these cells.

Why is it important?

Our study has for the first time characterized the T cells that invade and infiltrate the ocular chamber during TB uveitis. This will pave the way for further targeted treatment approaches to control the inflammation of the eye during tubercular uveitis.


Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research

This study has been possible at our center mainly due to a large number of patients that are seen with infectious uveitis. This study has now generated a baseline data for other groups working in the area, to develop treatment approaches targeting not only TB uveitis but other forms of infectious uveitis. Our group as such is now further working on the pathogenesis of TB uveitis to understand the initial triggers of inflammation, including the innate immune receptors and how T cells are involved in the whole process of disease pathology.

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