Are All of Your Customers Profitable and Valuable to You?

  • Gary Cokins
  • EDPACS, June 2014, Taylor & Francis
  • DOI: 10.1080/07366981.2014.926750

What is it about?

This article I authored observes that customers are the source of financial wealth creation for shareholders and owners. However, management accounting systems are flawed and misleading with non-causal cost allocations, and they are incomplete. What is needed is a profit and loss statement reported for EACH customer

Why is it important?

A profit and loss statement for EACH customer is important to reform the compensation commission and bonuses for the sales force to align with the shareholders and owners. It is no longer about growing market share and increasing sales but about increasing PROFITABLE sales.


Mr Gary Cokins
Analytics-Based Performance Management LLC

Most of the accountants use practices, methods, and systems from the 1960s ! They need to use progressive management accounting practices for the 21st century. Search the Internet on my name to read more of my articles, blogs, and books on this topic. ... Gary ... Gary Cokins

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