What lessons need to be learnt from the outbreak of Ash Dieback Disease,Chalara fraxineain the United Kingdom?

Jon Heuch
  • Arboricultural Journal, January 2014, Taylor & Francis
  • DOI: 10.1080/03071375.2014.913361

Government, media and industry actions prior to the 2012 UK Chalara outbreak

What is it about?

Prior to 2012 many UK organisations - trade, government and NGOs - knew about the risks introduced to tree health by tree movements from Europe to the UK. This paper describes some of the efforts made to raise the profile and get appropriate action. It also covers the period immediately after the outbreak of Chalara in the UK in 2012.

Why is it important?

The free-for-all paradigm guaranteed by the World Trade Organisation and encouraged by globalisation brings with it huge risks to our natural environment. Political inactivity and inertia is difficult to counter; this paper describes actions taken both before and after a new tree health pest was found in the UK and focuses on what might be done in future.


Jon Heuch

This paper has raised the range of journals that the Arboricultural Journal has been quoted in quite substantially and thus raises its profile.

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