Impact of electronically excited state hydrogen bonding on luminescent covalent organic framework: a TD-DFT investigation

Manzoor Hussain, Xuedan Song, Jianzhang Zhao, Yi Luo, Ce Hao
  • Molecular Physics, November 2018, Taylor & Francis
  • DOI: 10.1080/00268976.2018.1543901

Hydrogen bonding affects the luminescence

What is it about?

Hydrogen bonding is a type of non-covalent intermolecular interactions showing significant importance for many molecular systems. We have theoretical investigated for the first time sensing ability of polypyrene covalent organic frameworks (COF) that can encompass the indoor pollutant the formaldehyde (HCHO). For this purpose we have used DFT and TD-DFT methods to assess the strength of hydrogen bonding.

Why is it important?

Our finding show the provision of new research for synthetic and theoretical chemist.


Manzoor HUssain
Karakurum International University

From research idea to the publication form I have had got encouraging support of research community through many ways. I am pleased to thank them all. This publication will also help me to interact the worldwide expert and their intellectual input .

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