Past, current and future drivers for the development of decision support systems in forest management

Harald Vacik, Manfred J. Lexer
  • Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research, September 2013, Taylor & Francis
  • DOI: 10.1080/02827581.2013.830768

Past, current and future drivers of DSS

What is it about?

DSS are computer-based tools that are seen as particularly useful to solve ill-structured decision problems. Database management systems, analytical and operational research models, graphic display as well as tabular reporting capabilities are combined in an integrative manner. Drivers evolving from forest management as well as technology have influenced the design of DSS in the past and will continue in the future.

Why is it important?

Scientific research tries to cover the different demands originating from socioeconomic demands by improving models, introducing new methods and holistic planning approaches in DSS. This led to very complex DSS development projects which cause several dilemmas. The review concludes that in the future the challenges for DSS development will increase, as the complexity of decision making processes and the related models will compete with the user demands which ask for simplicity.

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