The Construction of Discourse as Verbal Interaction

  • August 2018, John Benjamins
  • DOI: 10.1075/pbns.296

The construction of discourse

What is it about?

Arising from the latest in the series of IWoDA workshops in Santiago de Compostela, it provides novel insights into both the explicit and the implicit characteristics of discourse as used in verbal interaction. Discourse markers, as their name indicates, are among the explicit signals of coherence, while discourse relations may be either explicit or implicit. Similarly, the discourse used for purposes of evaluation, stance-taking and interpersonal engagement is either overt or covert, as is also true of the expression of emotions and empathy. This, in general terms, is the challenging terrain into which the contributors to this volume have ventured. The book combines theoretical issues with a practical orientation, comparing languages, analysing different registers, studying the openings of Skype conversations, and much more besides; it will prove highly relevant for postgraduate and advanced practitioners of discourse analysis, interaction studies, semantics and pragmatics. Subjects: Pragmatics; Syntax; Discourse studies

Why is it important?

Subjects: Pragmatics; Syntax; Discourse studies


Dr María Ángeles Gómez González
Santiago de Compostela University

This edited volume showcases new work on discourse analysis by big names in the field and promising early-career researchers.

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The following have contributed to this page: Professor Lachlan Mackenzie and Dr María Ángeles Gómez González