Deficient non-native speakers or translanguagers?

  • Identity struggles in a multilingual multimodal ELF online intercultural exchange
  • I-Chung Ke
  • Journal of Asian Pacific Communication, August 2016, John Benjamins
  • DOI: 10.1075/japc.26.2.06ke

What is it about?

English is increasingly functioning as a lingua franca in multilingual environment. This study looks at college students' identify construction and evolution in an online exchange project. Modalities (forms of meaning carriers) shape how people express and build meanings, thus offering another dimension in identity development.

Why is it important?

Younger generations are provided with various tools to engage in meaningful interactions. How human beings see and define themselves links to the core of our existence: Why do we even live and the purposes of beling alive. The translingual world in which individuals appropriate various linguistic and communicative resources is quite different and thus requires more understandings of how the world operates.


I-Chung Ke
Yuan Ze University

Are we what we speak? When our 'Self' is mediated by language in a specific mode, are we still the same person? 穿梭於語言間的新人類,其世界觀應該相當不同吧 と思っています。

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