Retrofitted green roofs and walls and improvements in thermal comfort

  • Renato Castiglia Feitosa, Sara Wilkinson
  • January 2017, American Institute of Physics
  • DOI: 10.1063/1.4985558

How retrofitted green roofs and walls improve thermal comfort in buildings.

What is it about?

The climate is changing and so we need to retrofit buildings to improve thermal performance. At the same time, green infrastructure in cities is threatened by the built environment. Retrofitted green roofs and walls could be the solution.

Why is it important?

The combined effect of temperature and relative humidity is used in the evaluation of thermal comfort in small scale experiments in Sydney - Australia, where identical timber framed structures prototypes (vegetated and non-vegetated) are compared. The results have shown the combination of green roof and walls has a valid role to play in heat index attenuation.


Dr Sara Jane Wilkinson
University of Technology Sydney

Writing this article was another great opportunity to bring perspectives from engineering and construction, from Sydney and Brazil to deliver empirical evidence and new insights on this important topic.

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