Site specific isolated nanostructure array formation on a large area by broad ion beam without any mask and resist

Prasanta Karmakar, Biswarup Satpati
  • Applied Physics Letters, June 2014, American Institute of Physics
  • DOI: 10.1063/1.4881333

Nanostructure array

What is it about?

The formation of isolated nanostructure arrays on a large area via broad ion beam implantation without the aid of any mask or resist. Desired ions have been implanted at specific locations of the prefabricated silicon ripple or triangular structures by exploiting the variation of local ion impact angles. We have shown that the implantation of Fe ions on an O ions induced pre fabricated triangular shaped patterned Si surface results in a self-organized periodic array of striped magnetic nanostruc

Why is it important?

we have demonstrated here the potential of the broad ion beams for maskless, low cost, and fast nanopatterning for electronic, magnetic, optical, and mechanical devices. This method not only be able to produce large area striped pattern but also could form regular isolated conductive or magnetic dots using suitable prefabricated structures.

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