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In recent times, bilayer graphene-like structures have seen an increased application in various fields, ranging from photonics to sensor technology. Many researchers have already performed various studies on their structural, thermal, and vibrational behavior. Although the study of the chaotic dynamics on monolayer graphene and graphene nanoribbons has been done, yet, the same study on bilayer graphene-like structures is missing. In this work, we have provided a detailed analysis of the chaotic dynamics of perturbed bilayer graphene-like structures.

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This work reveals the stability condition of bilayer graphene like structures under small perturbations. We found that the oscillations of the atoms are too sensitive to the strength of perturbation. We found that for a counter-aligned h-BN system, the nature of oscillations is aperiodic and chaotic for weak perturbation. It changes from quasiperiodic to periodic, corresponding to moderate to strong perturbation. An opposite characteristic is observed for the co-aligned HFG system. In this system, a transition from regular to quasiperiodic and finally to chaotic oscillations with the increase in perturbation strength is observed. This is a signature of chaos in the non-integrable Hamiltonian system. Moreover, we have generalized the work by considering different interlayer interactions for any BLG like systems. A signa ture of transition from regular to quasiperiodic and finally chaotic oscillations is observed. The nature of the equilibrium points for different geometries and their stability is investigated via Jacobian stability conditions. The Jacobian matrix formalism suggests three stable nodes for counter-aligned h-BN and co-aligned HFG systems, while five stable nodes for a graphene system. A signature of a local bifurcation for weak perturbation is observed corresponding to other equilibrium points for graphene-like systems.

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This page is a summary of: Nonlinear oscillations, chaotic dynamics, and stability analysis of bilayer graphene-like structures, Chaos An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science, January 2023, American Institute of Physics,
DOI: 10.1063/5.0125665.
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