Schiff Base Nucleophiles : Progress Towards the General Application of Organoiron Complexes in Amino Acid Synthesis

Jean-Pierre Genet, Richard D. A. Hudson, W. -D. Meng, Edward Roberts, G. Richard Stephenson, Serge Thorimbert
  • Synlett, January 1994, Thieme Publishing Group
  • DOI: 10.1055/s-1994-22953

What is it about?

Schiff base nucleophiles have been employed with cationic cyclohexadienyliron pi-complexes to gain access to intermediates that are suitable for elaboration into new amino acid structures. Addition to a vinyl substituted cation formed a quaternary centre in the first example of this mode of addition. The results demonstrate that Schiff base nucleophiles have appropriate basicity/reactivity properties for use with tricarbonyliron complexes.

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