Endoscopic negative-pressure therapy for duodenal leakage using new open-pore film and polyurethane foam drains with the pull-through technique

  • Gunnar Loske, Marc Liedke, Erik Schlöricke, Thomas Herrmann, Frank Rucktaeschel
  • Endoscopy, September 2017, Thieme Publishing Group
  • DOI: 10.1055/s-0043-119346

Pullthrough technique for duodenal leaks with new drainage devices - with video

What is it about?

Duodenal leaks can be closed with endoscopic negative pressure therapy. New devices have been developted. Construction and endoscopic treament procedere are shown in video. Diameter of the draines are sized down to few millimeters.

Why is it important?

Treatment of duodenal leaks can be very diffcult. Pullthrough technique simplifies the procedure of placing a vacuum drain. Diameter of the draines are sized down to few millimeters with a film based drainage device.


Dr Gunnar Loske
Katholisches Marienkrankenhaus GmbH

Endoscopic negative therapy replaces operative treatment of duodenal leaks.

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