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We use ultrafast laser and X-ray pulses to study how a material called FeRh quickly switches between different magnetic states. We observed that when FeRh is excited with a powerful laser pulse, it briefly enters an intermediate state before settling into its final magnetic state. By estimating the temperature of FeRh after the laser pulse and comparing it to a slow heating process, we demonstrate how strongly the electrons and atomic cores in FeRh are connected. We also created a theoretical model to explain why this temporary state occurs, suggesting it enters a different magnetic state and can be reached by specific atomic vibrations. In essence, this research sheds light on the ultra-fast structural dynamics of FeRh's metamagnetic phase transition, a crucial step in understanding its behavior.

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Fundamental Understanding: Understanding the ultra-fast structural dynamics of materials like FeRh helps scientists grasp the fundamental principles governing how matter behaves on incredibly short timescales. This knowledge contributes to our understanding of the fundamental laws of physics and materials science. Magnetic Materials: FeRh is a unique material with applications in fields like data storage and spintronics, which are crucial for modern technology. By comprehending how FeRh switches between magnetic states rapidly, scientists can potentially develop faster and more efficient magnetic devices. Laser and X-ray Techniques: The use of advanced laser and X-ray techniques in this study pushes the boundaries of what can be observed and understood at the atomic level. These techniques have broader applications in various scientific disciplines, such as chemistry, biology, and condensed matter physics. Phonon-Electron Coupling: The estimation of electron-phonon coupling in FeRh provides insights into how electrons and atoms interact in materials. This understanding can be applied to other materials and may lead to the development of new materials with tailored properties. Materials Design: This research contributes to the growing field of materials design, where scientists aim to create materials with specific properties for various applications. By understanding the mechanisms driving phase transitions in materials like FeRh, researchers can potentially design new materials with desired characteristics.

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This page is a summary of: Determination of sub-ps lattice dynamics in FeRh thin films, Scientific Reports, May 2022, Springer Science + Business Media,
DOI: 10.1038/s41598-022-12602-w.
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