Relationship Behaviors Measure

  • O. Gillath, Phillip R. Shaver
  • January 2007, American Psychological Association (APA)
  • DOI: 10.1037/t00438-000

A measure of relationship behaviors

Photo by Milan Popovic on Unsplash

Photo by Milan Popovic on Unsplash

What is it about?

This measure allows assessment of behaviors in response to various relationship scenarios including transgressions. People's responses are related to their attachment style (secure, anxious, avoidant). In our paper, we show that these behaviors can be changed using simple nudges (primes).

Why is it important?

The measure can help clinicians assess the impact of their therapy and researchers assess the impact of various experimental manipulations (e.g., security priming). It adds a behavioral aspect to the attachment measurement literature.


Dr Omri Gillath
University of Kansas

We enjoyed creating the measure in a way that is similar to 'choose' your own adventure games.

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