1. Article
    Using distributed retrieval practice and picture illustrations to improve aural vocabulary knowledge
  2. Article
    Predictors of Nondisclosure in Mothers living With HIV Participating in Disclosure Intervention
  3. Article
    When students feel competent in math, enjoyment is key for their career aspirations
  4. Article
    A key to longer life: People live 13 years longer if they perceive aging as process of development
  5. Article
    “A race to the bottom”: refugee advocate perceptions of media and political rhetoric in Australia.
  6. Article
    Seeing More Variety in Past Struggles Lowers Expectations of Further Conflicts with Our Goals
  7. Article
    Coronavirus pandemic dreams in China: A qualitative research on the effect of the Wuhan lockdown on dream contents.
  8. Article
    Temperament in Infants, Toddlers and Children from 59 Nations
  9. Article
    Is your data actually anonymous? How to safeguard participant privacy in the age of open data
  10. Article
    Is prediction during language processing worth it?
  11. Article
    Game-based learning for science literacy
  12. Article
    Genes influencing loneliness and well-being are not the same as those on mood and anxiety diagnoses
  13. Article
    Judgments about event causation are influenced by "reversibility"
  14. Article
    So much for plain language: Analyzing the accessibility of laws over time.
  15. Article
    Evaluating callous-unemotional traits in children and adolescents
  16. Article
    Transgender women's experiences of their sexualities
  17. Article
    Subjective emotional experience shapes presence; Physiological arousal does not
  18. Article
    Not all forms of control are equal: Implementing reactive control does not register as costly
  19. Article
    Benefits of adopting a positive approach to conflict
  20. Article
    How in-person and digital communication affects wellbeing in older adults
  21. Article
    Beyond Depression: Men's Tears as an Echo of Childhood Trauma
  22. Article
    Human observers are able to accurately discriminate groups of objects without awareness
  23. Article
    Future of Behavioral Health Over the Next Decade
  24. Article
    Older adults' chronic pain, activity patterns and social support at day-care centers.
  25. Article
    A novel tool to assess employee' proactive efforts to fulfill their psychological needs at work
  26. Article
    “Deeper cuts”: A 55-word story.
  27. Article
    Using ethics to guide psychologists through the stepped-care treatment model for eating disorders
  28. Article
    Social Support is Key for Survivors of the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi in Rwanda
  29. Article
    Development of metacognition and its influence on memory performance
  30. Article
    Extraverted and Agreeable Leaders do Better in Collectivist Cultures
  31. Article
    Disease Psychology during the COVID pandemic affected responses to Republicans and Democrats
  32. Article
    Older adults describe their memories differently because they are trying to tell good stories
  33. Article
    What are executive coaches actually doing and when are they doing it?
  34. Article
    Unifying psychotherapy as modification of personal knowledge held in memory
  35. Article
    “I get to make my own decisions”: Understanding Black Christian students’ spiritual development journeys.
  36. Article
    Indigenous Resilience and Healing through Dreams and Spirituality