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Some therapists are better than others. It remains unclear to what degree this is related to training or to the personal characteristics of a therapist, or both. So, one question is: How early on in training can one identify such "therapist effects"? We looked at master’s- and doctoral-level psychotherapy trainees in an university-based outpatient psychotherapy training, and measured their performances via the treatment outcomes of their clients.

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We believe it would be premature to claim therapists are “born” rather than “made” but finding clinically meaningful therapist effects within only 2-4 years of training highlights the importance of studying this as a critical period of professional development. The results of the current study invites clinical training programs to consider how training practices may reduce the magnitude of the discrepancy between the most and least effective therapists in their training.


Other research shows that therapist skill seems to develop at an accelerated rate through doctoral training and then plateau following graduation. Given that therapists-in-training can already be ranked within their graduate school training, this highlights the importance of adjusting training practices so students get as much as possible out of this critical window of their professional development.

Antonio Pascual-Leone
University of Windsor

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This page is a summary of: Therapist effects on outcome: Meaningful differences exist early in training., Training and Education in Professional Psychology, January 2022, American Psychological Association (APA), DOI: 10.1037/tep0000402.
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