Nanofibers with Very Fine Core–Shell Morphology from Anisotropic Micelle of Amphiphilic Crystalline-Coil Block Copolymer

Fei-Yu Zhai, Wei Huang, Gang Wu, Xin-Ke Jing, Mei-Jia Wang, Si-Chong Chen, Yu-Zhong Wang, In-Joo Chin, Ya Liu
  • ACS Nano, June 2013, American Chemical Society (ACS)
  • DOI: 10.1021/nn401851w

Core-Shell Nanofiber from Anisotropic Micelles

What is it about?

This work provides a totally novel idea for preparing of nanofiber with complex core-shell morphology by using anisotropic micelles as the building block.

Why is it important?

In this work, we have used anisotropic micelles as building block for constructing nanofiber with core-shell morphology owing to their alignment and interfusion during electrospinning. This new strategy based on single spinneret electrospinning was first time reported, and show a very promising application prospect because it had many merits such as high efficiency, simple and convenient for morphology controlling, environmental benign, and low-cost.

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