The EU approved antimalarial pyronaridine shows antitubercular activity and synergy with rifampicin, targeting RNA polymerase

  • Giorgia Mori, Beatrice Silvia Orena, Clara Franch, Lesley A. Mitchenall, Adwait Anand Godbole, Liliana Rodrigues, Clara Aguilar-Pérez, Júlia Zemanová, Stanislav Huszár, Martin Forbak, Thomas R. Lane, Mohamad Sabbah, Nathalie Deboosere, Rosangela Frita, Alexandre Vandeputte, Eik Hoffmann, Riccardo Russo, Nancy Connell, Courtney Veilleux, Rajiv K. Jha, Pradeep Kumar, Joel S. Freundlich, Priscille Brodin, Jose Antonio Aínsa, Valakunja Nagaraja, Anthony Maxwell, Katarína Mikušová, Maria Rosalia Pasca, Sean Ekins
  • Tuberculosis, September 2018, Elsevier
  • DOI: 10.1016/

Pyronaridine shows in vitro synergy with rifampicin against M. tuberculosis.

What is it about?

We repurposed the antimalarial pyronaridine as an anti tubercular as it showed synergy with Rifampicin in vitro.

Why is it important?

We proposed that pyronaridine may target the same protein as Rifampicin in Mtb, namely RNA polymerase. We present various data to show pyronaridine also has activity on its own but is markedly more active alongside Rifampicin.


Dr Sean Ekins
Collaborations in Chemistry

This article was a very large collaborative effort taking several years and itself extending outside of the MM4TB project where it originated.

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