Will commute drivers switch to park-and-ride under the influence of multimodal traveler information? A stated preference investigation

Hongcheng Gan, Xin Ye
  • Transportation Research Part F Traffic Psychology and Behaviour, July 2018, Elsevier
  • DOI: 10.1016/j.trf.2018.05.015

Mode choice under dynamic smartphone multimodal traveler information

What is it about?

Travelers’ mode switching decision under en-trip ‘auto drive & subway park-and-ride’ multimodal information was modeled. A panel econometric model quantifies the impacts of information. Correlations of observations among a same driver is addressed. Random taste for time savings and comfort level of subway car is addressed. Personal attributes that affect mode switch decision are revealed.

Why is it important?

The knowledge about en-trip mode switching behavior with presence of multimodal traveler information is very limited so far.


Professor Hongcheng Gan
Univ. Shanghai for Sci. & Tech.

The findings and insights obtained in this study may be a basis on which sound and effective policies and strategies about smartphone multimodal traveler information systems deployment can be identified.

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