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Traditional methodologies in micro- and nanofluidics measure biological mechanisms as an average of a population of molecules as only their combined effect can be detected. Fluorescence fluctuation spectroscopy/imaging/nanoscopy are used as alternative experimental approaches in ultrasensitive analytics at the single-molecule level. However, what is the measurement time in which one is able to study just one single molecule in solution without immobilizing it? Existing theories are inadequate since they do not predict the meaningful time as a function of the concentration of other molecules of the same kind in bulk solution.

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Experimental hypotheses differ according to which single-molecule detection methods are thought to have greater validity. As will be seen in this article, it is worthwhile to obtain a correct form of the meaningful-time relationship through theoretical means. The new ideas are comprehensively presented, and this relationship is a new concept at this time. The meaningful time for studying just one molecule without immobilization specifies the time parameter in the selfsame molecule likelihood estimator. The thermodynamic Single-Molecule DEMON: How to avoid him in the measurements of dilute liquids and live cells without immobilization or flow: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/thermodynamic-single-molecule-demon-zeno-földes-papp/?trk=public_profile_article_view


It is of interest for medical, pharmaceutical and chemical laboratories. It may serve as a foundation for further work in single-cell biology.

Professor Zeno Földes-Papp [Biochemist, Gerontologist (Biochemiker, Geriater)]: Laying the Foundation of Single-Molecule Biophysics & Biochemistry Based On the Stochastic Nature of Diffusion: The Individual Molecule, from the Mathematical Core to the Physical Theory. -- I hope that my humble scientific work will be well received by the communities of single-molecule imaging and spectroscopy and by all users of these technologies as well as biotechnologies in the various and different disciplines:
Head of Geriatric Medicine (Medical Director of the Geriatric Service: Sektionsleitung Geriatrie) at Asklepios Klinikum Lindau (Bodensee), Bavaria, Germany

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This page is a summary of: What it means to measure a single molecule in a solution by fluorescence fluctuation spectroscopy, Experimental and Molecular Pathology, June 2006, Elsevier,
DOI: 10.1016/j.yexmp.2006.01.001.
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