What is it about?

This research is about figuring out how to send a spacecraft to Venus by making it use the gravity of another object to slingshot towards Venus. The researcher looked at 117 big asteroids and found ways for the spacecraft to fly by both the asteroid and Venus without using too much energy. They also figured out when would be the best time to launch the spacecraft. The goal is for the spacecraft to eventually land on Venus.

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Why is it important?

This research is important because Venus is one of the most interesting and mysterious planets in the Solar System. Studying Venus can help us understand the formation and evolution of the Solar System and better understand potential habitable worlds in the universe. This specific research is important because it focuses on finding an efficient and feasible flight path for a spacecraft to reach Venus. Successful missions to Venus can provide important data and insights on the planet's atmosphere, geology, and potential for life. Additionally, the techniques developed in this study could be applicable to future interplanetary missions to other planets in the Solar System.Finding efficient flight paths that utilize gravitational slingshots can help reduce the amount of fuel needed for space missions and make them more cost-effective. It also opens possibilities for future interplanetary missions and can contribute to the development of space infrastructure. Moreover, by studying asteroids, which can be the potential source of resources like water, metals, and minerals, this research may also have economic implications for space resource utilization. Overall, this research is a significant step towards advancing our knowledge of the Solar System and space exploration technology.


We believe that conducting an asteroid flyby while en route to Venus is of great importance as it can significantly enhance the scientific value of a mission to Venus, especially in terms of landing on its surface. In addition, an impulse-free flyby of an asteroid can help minimize the mission's costs by combining the exploration of both Venus and the asteroid. The study of asteroids is a high priority for science in general due to their relevance in understanding the history of our Solar System as well as the planetary defense mechanisms (if studying hazardous asteroids).

Mr Vladislav Zubko
Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IKI)

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This page is a summary of: Analysis of prospective flight schemes to Venus accompanied by an asteroid flyby, Acta Astronautica, September 2023, Elsevier,
DOI: 10.1016/j.actaastro.2023.05.009.
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