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This study focuses on modeling hurricane-induced waves and storm surges along the Mexican coast. By utilizing a combination of historical records and synthetic events generated from a statistical/deterministic hurricane model, the study creates a robust database to characterize extreme water levels. The methodology involves reproducing storm tracks and analyzing the spatial distribution of extreme values for waves and storm surges. The findings highlight areas prone to high waves and storm surges, aiding in the assessment of hurricane-induced risks in coastal regions.

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Why is it important?

Understanding the potential impacts of hurricanes, particularly waves, and storm surges, is crucial for coastal planning, risk assessment, and disaster preparedness. However, limited historical data in Mexico poses challenges in accurately characterizing extreme values. This study addresses this knowledge gap by employing synthetic events and numerical models to create a comprehensive database for assessing extreme wave and storm surge climatology. The findings provide valuable insights into the spatial distribution of extreme events along Mexico's coastline, enabling informed decision-making and better coastal management practices.


As the researcher behind this study, my motivation stemmed from recognizing the dearth of information on extreme values in Mexican ocean waters. It was crucial to address this knowledge gap to enhance coastal planning, risk assessment, and resilience to hurricanes. By utilizing synthetic events and advanced modeling techniques, we were able to create a robust database that overcame the limitation of limited historical records. This publication represents a significant contribution to the field, providing valuable insights into hurricane-induced waves and storm surges along the Mexican coast. I hope that these findings will support coastal communities, policymakers, and researchers in making informed decisions and mitigating the impacts of future hurricane events.

Christian Appendini
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico

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This page is a summary of: Hurricane-induced waves and storm surge modeling for the Mexican coast, Ocean Dynamics, July 2015, Springer Science + Business Media, DOI: 10.1007/s10236-015-0861-7.
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