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  1. Assessing shoreline dynamics over multiple scales on the northern Yucatan Peninsula
  2. Improving satellite monitoring of coastal Sargassum using wind and citizen science data
  3. Surface Ocean Currents and Material Transport in the Equatorial Atlantic and Caribbean Sea
  4. Powering Mexico's Future: Examining Offshore Wind Potential on the Yucatecan Shelf
  5. Renewable Energy System for Terminos Lagoon: Harnessing Wind, Solar, and Tidal Power
  6. Long-term Trends in Global Ocean Waves: A Comprehensive Analysis
  7. Assessing the Impact of Hurricanes Gamma and Delta on the Yucatán Peninsula Coast
  8. The Complex Interplay of Waves, Sediment, and Geomorphology in Shaping Coastal Deposits
  9. Decoding the Arrival and Disappearance of Sargassum on Beaches
  10. Influence of Oceanographic Processes on the Geology of Nearshore Carbonate Ramps
  11. Impact of Port Development on the Yucatan Peninsula Coastline
  12. Rapid tool for assessing oil spill impacts and planning
  13. Estimating flood risk from tropical cyclones under climate change
  14. Impact of Central American Cold Surges (Nortes) on the Gulf of Mexico
  15. Coastal Storm Impact on the Northern Yucatan Peninsula: Hurricanes and Central American Cold Surges
  16. Assessing Coastal Protection Provided by Reefs in Latin America
  17. Detecting Shoreline Changes in Northwest Yucatan using Satellite Image Fusion
  18. Understanding ocean currents in the Gulf of Mexico
  19. Will climate change affect the width of the beaches in Yucatan?
  20. Estructuras Costeras: Determinación de Vida Útil a través de la Interacción Oleaje-Estructura
  21. Assessment of Coastal Flooding during Cold Surge Events in Southeastern Mexico
  22. The Protective Role of Reefs and Sand Dunes in Puerto Morelos, Mexico
  23. Global warming effect on ocean waves generated by northern winds in the Gulf of Mexico
  24. Trends in Storm Waves in Mexican Waters of the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea
  25. Impact of Climate Change on Tropical Cyclone-Generated Waves in the Gulf of Mexico
  26. Rapid Warning Tool for Waves and Storm Surges in Mexican Tropical Cyclones
  27. Validating Wave Models with Satellite Data: Introducing the ALTWAVE Toolbox
  28. Assessing Beach Vulnerability on a Barrier Island Using Downscaling Techniques
  29. Assessing Hurricane-Induced Waves and Storm Surge for Mexico's Coastline
  30. Assessing Wave Energy Potential in the Caribbean Sea Using Historical Wave Data
  31. Understanding Storm Surge Variations in the Western Gulf of Mexico
  32. Wave Climate and Trends in the Gulf of Mexico: Analyzing 30 Years of Historical Data
  33. Assessing Wind Reanalysis for Wave Modeling in the Gulf of Mexico and Western Caribbean
  34. Understanding Sediment Transport on the Northern Coast of the Yucatan Peninsula