Predatory journals and researcher needs

Pippa Smart
  • Learned Publishing, April 2017, Wiley
  • DOI: 10.1002/leap.1101

Are some so-called "predatory" journals providing a valid publishing solution for researchers?

What is it about?

This editorial asks if we are too quick to label journals as "predatory" when they do not conform to elite publishing standards, and questions whether they actually fulfil a researcher need - given that there is a tremendous growth in research and authors needing to publish their findings.

Why is it important?

It raises a controversial opinion about the value of different types of journals and challenges the views of many in the publishing environment.


Pippa Smart

Personally, I feel that we are too quick to criticise - especially as not all of the western "elite" journals are as stringent as the COPE and ICMJE guidelines advocate. I think there is space for new models and experiments which would be more accepted if they came from "people we know".

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