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  1. What did early career researchers ever do for us?
  2. Plan S and the Impact on Journal Editors
  3. Journal development: Why and how?
  4. How prevalent are plagiarized submissions? Global survey of editors
  5. A sting in the tail?
  6. Training Editors-in-Chief: Supporting Strategy and Success
  7. Why journal editors need to balance the desire for quality against the need for diversity
  8. An overview of scholarly publishing attitudes as published in Learned Publishing
  9. What influences the regional diversity of reviewers: A study of medical and agricultural/biological sciences journals
  10. Readers - what readers?
  11. Redundant publication and salami slicing: the significance of splitting data
  12. Diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility (in scholarly publishing)
  13. Are some so-called "predatory" journals providing a valid publishing solution for researchers?
  14. Are publishers failing as a service industry?
  15. Open Access: Who Pays
  16. A consideration of the costs of peer review and its return-on-investment for publishers and academia
  17. Is the impact factor the only game in town?
  18. An opinion piece about the role and influence of grey literature in the area of scholarly publishing
  19. Editorial: 350 years and how are we doing?
  20. The big picture of STM publishing
  21. The status and future of the African journal
  22. Is anyone stealing your articles? Exploding copyright myths
  23. The status and future of the African journal
  24. Journals - the wrong model for Africa?
  25. Not such an open or shut case?
  26. Using digital libraries to provide online access to social science journals in Latin America
  27. African Journals OnLine (AJOL)
  28. Increasing the Visibility of Published Research: African Journals OnLine
  29. African Journals OnLine (AJOL)
  30. Increasing the Visibility of Published Research: African Journals OnLine
  31. International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications: Facilitating Scientific Publishing in Developing Countries
  32. Two-way traffic: information exchange between the developing and developed world
  33. E-journals: developing country access survey
  34. Editorial debate: Free information?