Identification and characterization of a bacterial hyaluronidase and its production in recombinant form

  • Luciano Messina, Jose A. Gavira, Salvatore Pernagallo, Juan D. Unciti-Broceta, Rosario M. Sanchez Martin, Juan J. Diaz-Mochon, Susanna Vaccaro, Mayte Conejero-Muriel, Estela Pineda-Molina, Salvatore Caruso, Luca Musumeci, Roberta Di Pasquale, Angela Pontillo, Francesca Sincinelli, Mauro Pavan, Cynthia Secchieri
  • FEBS Letters, July 2016, Wiley
  • DOI: 10.1002/1873-3468.12258

Bacterial rhyaluronidase id and production

What is it about?

This article: is about the identification and characterization of a bacterial hyaluronidase from S.koganeiensis and its production in recombinant form in E.coli. The purification of the recombinant form has allowed for the total characterization and the study of its 3D structure.

Why is it important?

This new protein has never before been isolated and totally characterized, therefore rendering this new discovery unique and important. This breakthrough by Italian researchers represents the future driving force of Pharmacology. In addition, hyaluronidase – as a carrier able to promote the dispersion and absorption of the therapeutically active ingredients it delivers – enables avant-garde applications in areas with high socio-economic impact (such as oncology, diabetes, immunodeficiency) and to optimise the efficacy of gene therapies, as well as the subcutaneous bioavailability of biologicals, thereby reducing the use of the intravenous route.


Luciano Messina

"Our recombinant hyaluronidase demonstrates higher effectiveness and an outstanding safety profile, besides being a great industrial and therapeutic product, which will greatly contribute to improving the quality of life of patients.

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