Disconnection of the organic moiety in chromium and tungsten complexes [(dithiin)M(CO)5]

  • Alejandro M. Granados, Alejandro M. Fracaroli, Jeronimo Kreiker, Rita H. de Rossi
  • Journal of Physical Organic Chemistry, December 2006, Wiley
  • DOI: 10.1002/poc.1044

Exchange of ligands in complexes of Cr and W

What is it about?

In this work we discuss the influence of solvents on the stability of Cr and W complexes. It is observed that this stability depends on the metal as well as the path followed by the reaction so that the organic ligand is replaced by one or more solvent molecules.

Why is it important?

The knowledge of these reaction trucks help to understand the behavior of for example organometallic catalysts that are very important to carry out a cleaner and friendly chemical with the environment, it is called green chemistry.


Professor Alejandro M. Granados

In-depth knowledge of elementary processes such as a ligand exchange can allow for better management of the catalysts and the design of more sustainable processes over time without endangering the environment.

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