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This paper uses the optical technology to obtain the optical characteristic curve of graphene. Then we discover the real existence of vacuum channels in monolayer graphene. These vacuum channels naturally eliminate the collision phenomena, and provide zero electrical resistance (R=0) and superconductivity phenomenon. Multiple-superconductivity states, superconductivity persistence, magnetic field response, vacuum channels transmitting a superconductivity current with high efficiency, screen characteristics of vacuum channels, etc. are discussed. All experiments were conducted in a completely open space of a laboratory. Graphene superconductivity at room-temperatures of a wide range and standard atmosphere is achieved. This paper uses the optical technology to realize graphene superconductivity, points out the basic reason of realizing it, and provides the experimental evidences.

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The course of superconductivity progress is as follows: The first stage, in 1911 Onnes found the superconductivity of a metal. The phenomenon was observed near absolute zero. The second stage, since 1986 high-temperature superconductivity has been realized in a series of chemical compounds, its critical temperature is about tens to 100K. Each year the critical temperature goes up. The third stage, hope for the superconductivity at normal temperature is people’s dream. However, in 2021 our article demonstrates and confirms the superconductivity at normal temperature can be realized. In our article, all experiments do not require expensive and large instruments; realizing graphene superconductivity and advancing its practicability is relatively easy.


With the aid of the methods in our article, all superconductivity technologies in nuclear fusion, quantum computing and computer, high speed railway of magnetic suspension, transmission of electric power, magnetic scientific instrument, etc. will be transformed to normal temperature.

Prof Chun Kan Tao
Nanjing University of Science and Technology

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This page is a summary of: Graphene Superconductivity at Room‐Temperature of a Wide Range and Standard Atmosphere, Based on Vacuum Channels and White‐Light Interferometry, Advanced Electronic Materials, October 2021, Wiley,
DOI: 10.1002/aelm.202100595.
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