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  1. Pressure‐enhanced densification of TaC ceramics during flash spark plasma sintering
  2. Synthesis, densification, and microstructure of TaC-TaB2 -SiC ceramics
  3. Biomineralization-Inspired Synthesis for Hierarchical Structured ZnO Powders with Enhanced Potocatalytic Activity
  4. Organized intrafibrillar mineralization, directed by a rationally designed multi-functional protein
  5. A bio-process inspired synthesis of vaterite (CaCO3), directed by a rationally designed multifunctional protein, ChiCaSifi
  6. Induced transformation of amorphous silica to cristobalite on bacterial surfaces
  7. Bioprocess-inspired synthesis of hierarchically porous nitrogen-doped TiO2with high visible-light photocatalytic activity
  8. Hierarchical microspheres: in situ assembly of CdS quantum dots on Cd2SnO4 nanosheets with enhanced visible light photocatalytic properties
  9. Fluoridation and Mechanical Properties of Hydroxyapatite with Addition of TiF3, Al2O3 and Fe2O3 by Sintering
  10. Highly Transparent Mg0.27Al2.58O3.73N0.27 Ceramic Prepared by Pressureless Sintering
  11. Hierarchical m-ZrO2Nanorods Template-Free Synthesis by Hydrothermal Method