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  1. First‐Principles Insight into the Composition‐Dependent Structure and Properties of γ‐Alon
  2. Composition-dependent bonding and hardness of γ-aluminum oxynitride: A first-principles investigation
  3. Chemical Composition, Crystal Structure, and Their Relationships with the Intrinsic Properties of Spinel-Type Crystals Based on Bond Valences
  4. Highly Transparent Mg0.27Al2.58O3.73N0.27 Ceramic Prepared by Pressureless Sintering
  5. First‐Principles Study on Site Preference of Aluminum Vacancy and Nitrogen Atoms in γ–Alon
  6. Optical and mechanical properties of Mg-doped sialon composite with La2O3 as additive
  7. Effect of heating rate on microstructure and properties of spark plasma sintered Li-α-sialon
  8. Translucent Li‐α‐Sialon Ceramics Prepared by Spark Plasma Sintering